Saturday, April 7, 2007

No drop knife lanyard

Have you ever been fishing or somewhere and dropped your knife. Won't happen with this outfit. Knife and sheath are not included of course but any neck knife would work. There is one loop in the webbing for the carabiner(included) and two loops on the other end of the webbing; one to hook on to the kydex sheath and one to hook on to the knife itself. You can see this in the picture with the lanyard on edge. I can make these in other colors. A small piece of lanyard is provided to tie from the web loop to the kydex sheath. Webbing is all sewed well so nothing will come loose. An added feature on this lanyard is that I used stretch cord from the second web loop to the knife. That give you a little more flexibility to use your knife. All-in-all I think this one is a real winner. I can see it attached to a fisherman's vest, tactical vest, pack, belt, etc.

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